Behold the deeply unsettling creep factor of this "luxury bunker" in Las Vegas that's located 26 feet below ground but is made to look as if it's outside

Jan 25th

There's not any better way to describe this than "really, really weird." Okay, maybe "spine-tingling."


Definitely "low-level-nightmare-inducing."

All of those can work!

Few have ever seen this corner of the Las Vegas underground.

That's because The Underground House is not only literally beneath the city's surface but has spent most of its 44-year life in private hands.

3970 Spencer St. — located 26-feet below the street — is considered by many to be Sin City's most famous basement, but it's actually a bomb shelter-made-opulent subterranean home. And now it's on sale for $5.9 million to anyone looking to call its sunless decadence home.

Oh really, "opulent subterranean home"? You be the judge of that. Note that the exterior of the house itself looks like an old McDonald's while the yard looks like... well, that kinda looks like a McDonald's too.

All those fake potted plants.

Please check out the real estate listing to see the whole property and judge for yourself. But you don't really need to, do you?

Because it's pretty clear that this place has all the charm of a haunted basement, a government fallout shelter, and a tanning booth rolled into one.

Okay, for real kinda wanna live there, don't you? It's got a siren-song quality to it. It's luring you in.

Resist! Look away! Better to perish in the nuclear winter than live down in that weirdness!


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