Woke Ben & Jerry's came out with new social justice flavor because of course they did... ๐Ÿ™„
ยท ยท Sep 21, 2021 ยท NottheBee.com

Ben & Jerry's just came out with a new ice cream flavor called "Change Is Brewing" with the word "Liberation" printed on the pint to promote Rep. Cori Bush's public safety bill, The People's Response Act.

You may be thinking, "Hey, Ben, Jerry, my old friends, why do you have to go and politicize ice cream and ruin the fun for everyone?"

Sadly, this isn't the first time Ben & Jerry's went full woke on us this year โ€“ a couple months ago they boycotted Israel, referring to the land as Occupied Palestinian Territory.

So, there's that...

Now they are bringing their fight for social justice back to the States.

"Change Is Brewing" is a limited batch flavor of cold brew coffee ice cream with marshmallow swirls and fudge brownies.

How dare you polarize ice cream AND make it sound so good!

Nothing screams "social justice" louder than ice cream! (said no one ever).

Jabari Paul is the company's U.S. activism manager. Why on earth a Vermont-based ice cream company employs an "activism manager" is beyond me.

"The flavor supports the vision of the world in which every community is safe and everyone including Black and brown people can thrive," Jabari said.

If you are confused on how coffee, marshmallow, and fudge brownies will help anyone, you're not alone!

Side note: Ben & Jerry's activism manager was indeed wearing two masks right before speaking at the press conference unveiling this groundbreaking ice cream flavor. ๐Ÿ™„

Back in 2016, Ben & Jerry's publicly supported Black Lives Matter, vowing not to "be silent about violence," and dismantle white supremacy and to support refugees and transgender Americans. They also teamed up with disgraced former NFL virtue signaler Colin Kaepernick last year for a nonfat frozen yogurt called "Change the Whirled."

Who knew that woke ice cream could change the world?


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