Beto O'Rourke postponed campaign events due to an infection and Reuters wants you to know it's definitely NOT monkeypox
· · Aug 30, 2022 ·

So Skateboard Brah Beto had to pause his campaign to wokeify Texas because he came down with a bacterial infection last week, which is sad.

I don't want him to California Texas, but I want him to be out there campaigning super hard on his platform of disarming Americans under the heel of government power.

Of course, the internet immediately started making jokes, which you're not supposed to do in a free country. You're supposed to be very serious and somber and never poke fun at the people in power unless they are orange and have mean tweets.

If you're not in on the joke, people joke that Beto is a furry because he was in a band in 2003 that played on stage dressed up as animals. Here he is dressed up as, I kid you not, a sheep in his band called, I kid you not, The Sheeps:

Anyway, the fAcT-cHeCkErS couldn't stand that one of your grandmas might not understand the joke and think Beto is one of the gays (what gives? I thought that was cool!).

I love it.

Every time the "objective" media stumps for their favored politicians like this to squash internet jokes, it kills them and their credibility a little more.

Sure, we here at NTB aren't quiet about our opinions, but at least we shoot straight with ya instead of hiding behind layers of shadow bans, fact-checks, collaboration, and mass marketing.

Cuz – hint hint – media has never been objective and every outlet is always trying to tell ya something. It's just that the big ones don't want you to know and don't want you to have a choice in the matter. And they definitely can't take a joke.

So keep it up, Reuters! Beto DEFINITELY doesn't have monkeypox. Got it. Thanks for the info!

P.S. Now check out our latest video: "Highlights from Biden's speech last night" 👇

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