Beto O'Rourke won't support ANY limits on abortion, including partial birth abortion, and says that's the most "constitutional, American, and Texan" thing to do
ยท Aug 28, 2022 ยท

Robert Francis O'Rourke, or Beto as he's referred to by himself, was asked about his views on abortion and if there should be any limits on the legality of killing unborn children.

His answer is, obviously, "no" but he goes even further.

I trust women and their doctors to make their decisions about their body, about their healthcare, and about their future. I think that is the best, smartest, most constitutional, and most American, and most Texan approach to this issue.

You know when I think of who represents the United States Constitution, America, and Texas the best I think of a skinny skateboarder, trust-fund baby, fake Hispanic, gun-grabber dude.

I mean, how could you get more Texas?

Oh yeah, this guy is someone we should take seriously when it comes to issues of life and death.

His position, that there should be no law against any abortion at all, is what he describes as the "best" and "smartest" position.

Yeah, I'm gonna trust "Beto, bro" on the smartest and most constitutional abortion policy.

Beto couches his position on no-limits preborn child murder around "women's rights" (although I'm sure he'd assure us men can get pregnant too) in order to hide the barbarity of what he supports.

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