Snopes just clobbered the Biden campaign for misquoting Trump and lefties are ticked ๐Ÿ˜‚
ยท Dec 4, 2023 ยท

In the world of deep fakes, it's hard to trust anything you see out there when it comes to video.

Was Joe Biden really the creepy old guy in Poltergeist?

Did Greta Thunberg really call for the use of vegan grenades in sustainable wars?

So, it's good to be suspicious when the Biden campaign drops a video of Donald Trump saying,

"We've been waging an all out war on American democracy."

And believe it or not, Snopes jumped in and fact checked them.

And they found the claim false.

"Neither the audio recording nor the context of Trump's remark supports the claim that he said "We've been waging an all-out war ON democracy."

Did the Biden campaign throw up a deepfake?

Not exactly.

If you listen to the video without reading the Biden campaign's caption, you'll note that the word "ON" doesn't quite have an "O" sound.

The C-Span transcripts say that the speech he is giving reads,

"We've been waging an all out war IN American democracy."

That prepositional difference changes the meaning of the sentence quite a bit. Rather than attacking democracy, Trump claims to be defending it.

So, while it's not a deepfake, it is still a disingenuous release from the Biden team.

Of course, the parts of our nation that hate Trump don't bother to dig any deeper even with the existence of deepfakes.

Some are even mad that Snopes bothered to fact check it. They know it's true even if it isn't.

I guess we'll have to give Snopes this one on integrity despite their past absurd fact checks of The Babylon Bee.

As of this point, community notes have not weighed in on X, but that's surely coming soon.

In the mean time, it's always a good rule of thumb to accept nothing at face value online these days (on either side). Nothing may be as it seems in this war IN American democracy.

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