Biden declares himself the abortion president
· · Sep 28, 2022 ·

As midterms approach it is all hands on deck for forces of abortion.

I wrote Monday about Stacey Abrams spouting a bizarre conspiracy theory about fetal heartbeats being some fictitiously generated noises produced through ultrasound machines all as part of a right-wing effort to control women's bodies.

Meanwhile, over at the Washington Post, their justifiably maligned "fact-checker" Glenn Kessler showed off his proficiency as a logical contortionist as he attempted to explain how the Democrat Party's frightening and violent diversion into the most radically extreme abortion-up-to-the-moment-of-birth position hasn't really happened.

The best part of Kessler's valiant effort had to be when he attempted to debunk the claim from pro-life activists that nearly all European countries have banned abortion far earlier in pregnancy than the U.S. Writing specifically about Germany and their 12-week ban, Kessler argued that "in reality," the country permits abortion up to 22 weeks because its "mental-health exception" allows a pregnant woman to simply make the claim she is anxious and frightened about giving birth.

Umm, Glenn, if that's true, then the Democrat Party's demand for a "mental-health exception" for abortion throughout the full pregnancy would mean "in reality" they advocate for the right to abort up to the moment of birth – the very thing you set out to disprove.

But with as noteworthy as both of those train wrecks were, nothing was more consequential than this:

No one doubted that the president and his team were desperate to make the upcoming midterms about any issue other than their failed economic and foreign policy agendas. But going full culture war, ordaining himself the most pro-abortion president in the country's history – but still a very devout Catholic, of course – honestly wasn't the move I was anticipating.

Codifying a right to abortion into federal law would actually represent an audacious power grab by the national government, as it would effectively invalidate the will of the people as expressed through their state legislatures around the country.

That's what the Biden administration and the corporate media shills that faithfully run cover for this bloodlust are counting on Americans not noticing. Biden's reference to making Roe "the law of the land" again is part of this nefarious wordplay. When Roe v. Wade was handed down in 1973, the ruling invalidated and overturned the law of the land in all 50 states.

In other words, since in our republican form of government, law is made by elected representatives, Roe upended the will of the people and replaced it with an oligarchical decree from 7 men in black robes. It remained that way until this year, when a majority of conservative justices removed that improper judicial interference, and turned abortion law back over to citizens.

Now, while it's certainly true that any congressional (and presidential) action to create a national law mandating abortion rights up to the moment of birth would be made by duly elected officials rather than unaccountable judges, the question of constitutionality looms large. The underpinnings of the recent Dobbs v. Jackson ruling make it clear that the Constitution is silent on the matter of abortion, thus conferring regulatory power over its boundaries to the states (see, the 10th amendment).

Which means of course, that any federal codification of abortion by a filibuster-busting Democrat majority like Biden promises, would be immediately challenged and fast-tracked to the same justices who decided Dobbs. Good luck.

There's a bit of poetic justice in that. Had Democrats originally chosen to patiently work through the appropriate, constitutional channels, and create abortion rights through legislation in the first place, we wouldn't be at this explosive moment. Instead, they abused the process and utilized the courts to impose their will, apparently assuming that they would never lose their grip on judicial power.

But they did, it's all backfired, and now Joe Biden appears willing to risk everything to ensure that people can't protect babies from being dismembered. That's quite a presidential legacy for a "devout Catholic."

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