Biden gave schools $130 BILLION for health measures so they could stay open... now a bunch are spending it on CRT and closing anyway for Omicron πŸ™„
Β· Jan 5, 2022 Β·

It's never been about your kids.

Joe Biden gave schools – and their very hungry teachers' unions – $130 billion of your dollars last year so they could put measures in place that would mitigate the spread of Covid and help them make schools "safer" for children who are already not statistically at risk from the virus.

All $130 billion of those dollars were greedily devoured, disappearing into a black hole from whence they shall never emerge.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, some of that money went to Critical Race Theory because our schools, like most of our institutions, are controlled by leftists who want your kids to sprout a Marx-style beard as soon as humanly possible.

They got the money. Yet this month, schools in numerous districts will be closed, citing an inability to deal with the Omicron variant, despite receiving money that could have gone towards mitigation, protection, and preventative measures. That, it turns out, could be in part due to a bait-and-switch, with money passed into law under the guise of public health being used for racial ideology instead.

Remember, according to public school officials, the only way to stop Covid is to study the Communist Manifesto through the lens of race!

Before we look at a few places where that happened, here's a map of recent school closures across the U.S. from Burbio:

God bless you folks who live in sane states and cities.

Now, here's a few of the places where CRT is being funded with Covid relief money (notice comparisons to the chart above):

  • Chicagoβ€”earmarked $32 million of ARP money to a "comprehensive, culturally responsive curriculum" developed "through the Curriculum Equity Initiative." The union is voting Tuesday on whether to switch to remote learning [Note: they are].
  • Milwaukee β€”allocated $24 million of its ARP money to "Social Emotional Learning," including $100,000 for "Anti-Racism and Bias Professional Development." It will not be conducting classes in person until at least January 10.
  • California β€”earmarked $1.5 billion to provide school districts with "training resources for classified, certificated, and administrative school staff in specified high-need topics, including accelerated learning, re-engaging students, restorative practices, and implicit bias training."
  • New Yorkβ€”relief plan said it believed "opportunities to learn are greatly expanded for all students when strong principles of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are present and operative in a district or school." It referenced teaching students about "privilege" and "their identities."
  • Michiganβ€”promoted using an "equity lens" to apportion money, including spending it on "professional development for all staff members in social emotional learning, trauma-informed care, and implicit bias."
  • Virginiaβ€”plans to spend money on a "Road Map to Equity," which draws from Ibram Kendi.
  • Washington stateβ€”will allocate ARP funds with a "lens of educational equity."

Also included are Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oregon, Nevada, Rhode Island, and a bunch of local school districts.

Think about it: Giant districts like Chicago received a TON of cash to help them invest in better health measures, including tracking, sanitation, and a whole bunch of things that largely don't stop the spread of an aerosolized virus but whatever.

Now that they're faced with a variant that's extremely mild compared to previous ones – and largely indistinguishable from a bad cold or the flu – Chicago schools are completely closed.

Kinda makes you wonder what they spent the money on!

Biden said the Omicron variant was not a reason to close schools, and that we "I believe that school should remain open. They have what they need because of the American Rescue Plan…. we provided the states with $130 billion with a B, to specifically keep our students safe and keep schools open. Funding for ventilation…"

But progressive activists have made no secret that the bill was not actually written that way. The money is spread over five years, indicating that it was not only intended to directly address coronavirus. In April, the New York Times published an op-ed headlined, "A Progressive Vision Is Possible if We Spend Money Thoughtfully Now." It said the APS funds "actually have fewer strings attached than the smaller, parallel funds in the 2009 bill which we helped administer under the Obama administration," and that there was nothing stopping them from being used to "address racial and economic inequity."

It's almost like Covid became a coordinated excuse to use tax dollars to fight against the wave of angry parents who don't want their kids to become racist communists!

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