Biden is sending US troops to build a port in Gaza and I'm sure that won't backfire spectacularly
· Mar 7, 2024 ·

I used to get upset by stuff like this, but now it's sort of funny (in a dark, dark way) to watch us shoot ourselves in the foot repeatedly.

Talk about strategic timing!

So I've been told that the poor, helpless Palestinians are starving to death.

So why did Biden wait until hours before his address on national TV to announce this news? He could have announced this a month ago if it were a humanitarian emergency!

(Kinda thinking it's about November.)

Aid will arrive at the temporary port via Cyprus, U.S. officials said in a briefing with reporters ahead of the State of the Union.

  • The U.S. military will establish a temporary pier in the sea off the Gaza coast with a causeway that will allow trucks to bring aid to shore. National Security Council chief of staff Curtis Ried will head up the effort from the U.S. side.
  • U.S. soldiers will take part in the construction, but from U.S. Navy vessels offshore. "The current plan doesn't include any U.S. boots on the ground in Gaza," a senior U.S. official said.

Okay, so your tax dollars are going to help Israel fight off all the surrounding nations that want it dead.

Your tax dollars are also going to build a pier where weapons will 100% be shipped in to fight Israel.

The good news is that Israeli forces will screen whatever docks at the port.

Efforts were already underway to coordinate shipments by sea but the biggest complication was the lack of a deep-water port to enable big ships to dock and off load aid.

  • The aid will pass through security checks, with the involvement of Israeli security officials, to ensure it can't be used for military purposes.

That being the case, though, I can't see Biden persuading a lot of those angry Dearborn, Michigan, voters that he's doing enough to help the Palestinians.

They're still going to hate him.

These seem to be the two responses:

So who is this PR stunt for? The Palestinians? C'mon, Joe doesn't even care about the waves of women and children being raped and trafficked across the border, or the violent young men who are stalking and murdering American women.

There are other possible uses though: Additional new voters!

The pier is supposed to be temporary. I guess we'll see!

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