Biden just signed a law that will require kill switches in all new cars that monitor you and "allow police or other government authorities to access it whenever"
· Jan 19, 2022 ·

For some strange reason, people are against this idea, which is now the law of the land.

I mean, it's not like embedding a back door for government mass control is bad or anything. I'm sure it's totally fine.

Anyway, here's some more details from ZeroHedge on this totally fine, totally wonderful piece of pork and barrel that was buried deep in the iNfRasTruCtuRe bill Biden signed on Monday.

The rumors we first reported on back in December have turned out to be true: the United States federal government is apparently in the process of trying to force automakers to install kill switches in their vehicles that authorities can use to shut down any newer vehicle.

The law comes as part of President Biden's infrastructure bill, which was recently signed into law, according to Yahoo. The government kill switch is - like all good thefts of civil liberties - being positioned as a "safety measure". The mandate needs to be put into effect by 2026, Muscle Cars & Trucks reported.

Remember, whether it's "public health" or the power for the government to monitor and shut down your mode of transportation remotely, it's all for your "safety."

We noted last month that former Rep. Bob Barr, writing for The Daily Caller, called the measure included in the bill "disturbingly short on details", but for the fact that the proposed device must "passively monitor the performance of a driver of a motor vehicle to accurately identify whether that driver may be impaired."

Which, of course, is code for some kind of device that is constantly on and monitoring your vehicle - and will likely have the power to shut down your vehicle anytime it wants.


The reasoning for these kill switches, in theory, is to allow police to shut down the vehicle of a suspect in a dangerous chase. The system would have back door, however, that creates an entirely new world of problems.

Per Yahoo:

This kill switch "safety" system would be open, or in other words there would be a backdoor. That would allow police or other government authorities to access it whenever. Would they need a warrant to do that? Likely not. Even better, hackers could access the backdoor and shut down your vehicle.

Oh, by the way, this is in addition to breathalyzer-type tech that will be required by 2026 to turn your car on.

The implications of handing the government such a skeleton key should be frightening. More from ZeroHedge:

It appears that in President Biden's future, not only will you not be in charge of your own personal health decisions, but you also won't be in charge of whether or not you can fire up your car, which you bought with your hard-earned money, to drive it somewhere, when you deem fit.

Transportation Secretary Pete will be happy with that!

Who knows how this information will be stored and accessed? The wording of the bill is vague. Data about your driving could be used by insurance companies, police (will they need a warrant?), and sold to third parties. Perhaps the Technocrats won't let your kids drive to work one day in the future for posting a conservative meme that lowered their social credit score!

That decision will now "rest in the hands of an algorithm", the report said. Similar monitoring and control devices have faced constitutional opposition, the report notes, "notably with the 5th Amendment's right to not self-incriminate, and the 6th Amendment's right to face one's accuser."

Ah, Constitution constishmution. When have "these truths we hold self evident" or our nation's charter ever stopped leftist rulers from consolidating power?

"I love democracy. I love the Republic. Once this crisis has abated, I will lay down the powers you have given me!" – Former Chancellor Sheev Palpatine

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