Ready? Biden plans to massively "re-engineer" America and held a secret meeting with historians to help him do it quickly, according to a new report
· · Mar 24, 2021 ·

Remember Joe Biden, the moderate grandpa who was going to unite America around apple pie and decency?

Well, get ready to meet the man under the mask: Joe Biden, radical leftist hoping to reform society through Marxist government takeover!

I don't know that there's ever been a more appropriate time for this Simpsons GIF:

According to Axios, Biden held a closed-door meeting at the White House with historians to craft a roadmap to push through laws that will fundamentally [read: deeply, drastically, horribly] change the nation.

The first step will be to remove the filibuster so that no Republican support is needed to govern.

The second step will be a wide array of woke bills that allow the government takeover of energy, housing, your right to self-defense, your religious liberty, and the Constitution itself.

Here's what the original report by Axios had to say:

"President Biden recently held an undisclosed East Room session with historians that included discussion of how big is too big — and how fast is too fast — to jam through once-in-a-lifetime historic changes to America."

Are you paying attention yet?

"The historians' views were very much in sync with his own: It is time to go even bigger and faster than anyone expected," continued Axios. "If that means chucking the filibuster and bipartisanship, so be it. Four things are pushing Biden to jam through what could amount to a $5 trillion-plus overhaul of America, and vast changes to voting, immigration and inequality."

How about now?

"He loves the growing narrative that he's bolder and bigger-thinking than President Obama."

Leftie historian Michael Beschloss told Axios how historic such a move would be:

"FDR and LBJ may turn out to be the past century's closest analogues for the Biden era, 'in terms of transforming the country in important ways in a short time.'"

Please wake up, America.

For the love of literally everything good on God's green earth, wake up.

This is nothing short of the reengineering of America. Heck, people are using that term unironically and without concern.

It is, in summation, the "Un-Americaning."

This isn't just FDR's New Deal or LBJ's government spending on poverty. This is a restructuring of America to fit the Marxist framework of class struggle.

The only check on the Left's power if Biden's plan moves forward would be the Supreme Court, but the conservatives on said court are tempered and the judicial branch does not move quickly.

I find it unlikely that they will stop the floodwaters of Marxism. By the time the dam has been breached, it will be too late.

After all, if the Democrats are able to ram legislation through willy-nilly whenever they want, they'll arguably be able to stack the Court.

Once they have a few more leftist judges – not to mention making D.C. and Puerto Rico states or redefining laws to allow illegal immigrants to vote – there will be no more checks and balances to keep the government from being the very thing the Founders tried so very hard to prevent.

The silver lining in all this is that the states might save the day by refusing to either support or obey such federal directives... but what that ultimately means for the nation is something too horrible to elaborate on here.

This is why the election was so divisive.

Approximately everybody except the knuckleheads at "Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden" knew what would happen should the Left get power.

As Lindsey Graham said during the grotesque circus that was the Kavanaugh hearing in 2018:

"Boy, y'all want power, don't you? God, I hope you never get it."

Well, now they do have power, and they're going to use it. By God, they are going to use it.

"Power is not a means; it is an end... The object of power is power."

~ 1984


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