Biden said "young black entrepreneurs" are just as adept as whites, but "they don't have lawyers or accountants" ... which is only logical since he thinks blacks can't figure out how to get IDs or use the internet
ยท Jun 4, 2021 ยท

Hey, you've got to give our mumbling president some credit: at least he's consistent in his racist worldview!

Distinguished lawyer Barack Obama was not available for comment.

Joe made the statement Tuesday while speaking in Oklahoma on the 100-year-anniversary of the historic Tulsa race riots.

He followed that comment up with this clarifier:

Does anyone doubt this whole nation be better off from the investments those people make? And I promise you that's why I set up this National Small Business Administration that's much broader because they're going to get those loans.

If you were wondering if this sounds like he wants to discriminate based on race when it comes to handing out small business loans, that's exactly his plan, which is why the 6th Circuit Court blocked said program last week after a restaurant sued the Biden admin.

"Because these race-neutral alternatives exist, the government's use of race is unconstitutional. Aside from the existence of race-neutral alternatives, the government's use of racial preferences is both overbroad and underinclusive. This is also fatal to the policy," said Judge Amul Thapar.

The court said Biden's policy violates the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment, because, well, it does.

Like I said though, at least Biden is consistent in his worldview! I mean, he believes Hispanics and blacks don't know how to use the internet or that requiring them to get an ID to vote is too much of a burden for their poor little minds to handle.

Fox's Brit Hume wondered how in the world Biden's most recent comment isn't being called racist:

Pengy helped him out with that one:

Here were a few other good responses to Joe's nonsense:

Even the critical race hustlers were upset for their own Marxist reasons:

Keep it up, Joe! You're doing great! ๐Ÿ˜‚

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