Biden says we’ll be paying high gas prices for ‘as long as it takes.’
· Jul 2, 2022 ·

In case you were wondering when we might see some relief at the pumps, inflation, or anything really, Joe Biden insinuated that there's more pain to come with no end in sight.

At a brief Q&A at a NATO summit, The New York Times' Jim Tankersley asked President Joe Biden,

"The war has pushed [oil] prices up. They could go as high as $200 a barrel, some analysts think.

"How long is it fair to expect American drivers and drivers around the world to pay that premium for this war?"

While it took some time for the president to understand the question, and he looked a bit disgusted that a journalist would ask it in the first place, he eventually came back with,

"As long as it takes, so Russian cannot in fact defeat Ukraine."

Of course, President Biden has also said that the high prices are part of an "incredible transition" out of fossil fuels.

So it can be hard to tell if the high prices are because of the war in Ukraine or because of his administration's anti-fossil fuel agenda. I guess we can go back to his campaign promises and get a gist of where he stands and what his plans are.

Just for a bit of nostalgia for better times: back in 2019, Trump's energy department released the expected increases for fuel prices with his policies:

Amazingly, Biden has already hit 2050's target cost of fuel on the high side.

How far away from Trump's projections can he get fuel over the next two years?

As high as it takes.

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