Killer whales are hunting down great white sharks off the coast of South Africa and ripping out their livers and eating them
· Jul 2, 2022 ·

If you think you've got troubles, at least you don't have to worry about a massive killer whale tearing your body open and consuming your liver for an afternoon snack:

In 2017, five great white shark carcasses washed ashore in four months in South Africa. Four of them were missing livers, and one had its heart removed.

Now, scientists have zeroed in on the suspects: a pair of male orcas named Port and Starboard with a taste for energy-rich shark liver.

The attacks have continued, and the pair are probably not the only orcas terrorizing great whites in the area. A study published in the peer-reviewed African Journal of Marine Science on Wednesday found that orcas are displacing great whites as the top predator in Gansbaai, a popular shark viewing destination about 75 miles east of Cape Town. ...

You can imagine that upon learning this news, every single great white in the area is going to be jumping on whatever watercraft it can find in order to escape the orca threat.

The sharks probably aren't too happy about this vexing problem, but the scientists themselves seem, well, a bit happy about it:

"We now have direct evidence that one of the oceans largest apex predators completely displaces the another, and it is the first time in the world that white shark carcasses have been available for scientific examination directly after being hunted by Killer whales."

You gotta admit, that excitement is rather infectious. You can understand the thrill they have at this rare beach find.

You gotta feel for the sharks too. Can't be too much fun to have your liver eaten by a superior predator.

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