Here's Biden's Commie Banking Nominee Calling for "No More Private Bank Accounts"
· Nov 14, 2021 ·

Are you paying attention yet?

That was Saule Omarova, President Joe Biden's nominee for the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), during a March 2021 virtual conference.

She really said that out loud!

Here are the comments timestamped in context for you:

"Imagine what it would be like instead of just a public option for deposit banking, this would be actually the full transition. In other words, there would be no more private bank deposit accounts and all of the deposit accounts will be held directly at the fed. How is it politically feasible for the central bank to take money away from people's accounts."

This is the same lady who said governments need to bankrupt the oil industry in order to usher in Dems' insane green agenda!

The radical left, ladies and gents.

Please pay attention!

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