Energy Sec. Granholm tried to take a road trip to show Americans how nice electric vehicles are and it turned into a nightmare episode of "Parks and Rec" where the police got involved ๐Ÿ’€
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You simply can't make this up folks.

This is comedy GOLD ๐Ÿ‘‡

Biden's energy secretary, also known as Michigan's second-worst governor after Whitmer, wanted to make a big show of traveling across the South from Charlotte, NC to Memphis, TN in an electric vehicle (just under a 10 hour drive), but she and her entourage were unsure about having charging stations available, so she sent a gas car ahead to save her spot at the charging station.

According to NPR, with one of the four station's chargers being broken, and others occupied, one Energy Department staffer parked a gas-powered car to reserve a spot for Granholm.

This resulted in a family, traveling with their baby on a hot summer day, being blocked from using the charger.

Sorry, everyday American family with a kid in a hot car on a blazing hot day in Grovetown, Georgia! The Biden admin is trying to prove that EVs are totally practical, so you'll have to wait to charge your car!

The family, understandably upset, CALLED THE POLICE.

The police showed up, but they didn't take any action because there's no law in Georgia against parking a gas-powered car in an electric vehicle charging station.

(Something good to know the next time you're looking for a parking spot at a crowded mall in Georgia.)

Scrambling to smooth things over, Energy Department staff sent other vehicles to slower chargers, to ensure space for both the family and Granholm to charge.

According to Insider, there are around three electric vehicle charging ports per every 10,000 people in the US.

Doesn't this read like a Parks and Rec episode?

I'll set the scene:

Leslie Knope, fueled by a desire to teach those backward Midwesterners about climate change, organizes an Earth Day parade across town in her new EV.

But Andy, not knowing how EVs work, forgets to plug it in, forcing her to scramble to the nearest charging station before the parade starts. Gerry tries to help but everyone tells him to shut up.

Donna races across town in her Mercedes with Tom, desperate to find a charging station, then cuts in front of a family to reserve one for Leslie ... but things go sideways.

The police are called, Tom runs away out of fear, Ben shows up to smooth things over, and Leslie finally arrives.

Ron Swanson then shows up with gas generators to charge everyone's EVs.

If any directors out there need material for a sitcom while all the writers are striking, just turn on the news!

"It's just par for the course," John Ryan, a driver of an electric BMW who then had to wait for the family and Granholm to finish charging so he could get a spot, told NPR. "They'll get it together at some point."

That sounds like a great side comment for the episode!

Keep outpacing satire, reality. You're keeping us in business over here.

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