Biden’s pick for Dep. Sec. of Education aims to make your kids good racist Marxists who hate themselves and each other

Jan 20th

Entering the D.C. circus this week is another unifying personality who wants your kids to be as hateful and racist as possible, see the world through intersecting attributes of oppression and ethnicity, and give their allegiance to the Woke State by destroying the bonds of family.

If you think that's a joke, guess again.

As Joe Biden takes the oath of office this week, he nominated San Diego school superintendent Cindy Marten – who overtly wants to train your kids in cultural Marxism – to be the Deputy Secretary of Education.

Here's an overview of Marten by Chris Rufo, a research fellow at the Discovery Institute:

Some essential info you should know about this woman who will, if confirmed, craft the minds of our children on behalf of the State:

  • She rolled out teacher training in San Diego that told staff to be aware of their "white privilege."
  • She forced teachers to read and watch video clips from "anti-racist" speakers Robin DiAngelo and Ibram X Kendi.
  • She promoted and offered glowing praise for an "anti-racism" speaker who says public schools are guilty of systemic "anti-blackness" and that they "spirit murder black babies" (as opposed to actual murder of babies, which is totally fine these days).
  • As a bonus, she also removed letters from the Trump administration included in federal food relief packages to local families because it suggested masks instead of mandating them.

Here's a powerpoint of one of the aNti-rAciSm training sessions. I encourage you to read it right now.

No seriously, go read it right now.

The presentation included slides about "white fragility," "white privilege," and "land acknowledgment" (detailing how evil white people stole the land from peaceful, utopian native peoples), and told them flat out that "you are racist" and "upholding racist ideas, structures, and policies."

"During her tenure in San Diego, [Marten] promoted the most divisive concepts from critical race theory and implemented bone-headed policies such as eliminating the requirement to turn in homework on time," said Rufo. "Senators should oppose her confirmation as Deputy Secretary of Education."

Note that the next step after training the teachers is to train your children. As Fox News notes:

"As deputy secretary, Marten would have significant power over the federal department responsible for regulating the nation's public schools. She would also serve as acting secretary in the secretary's absence."

Oh, and one other thing to note. In addition to Marten being white herself (YOU need to #CheckYourPrivilege, but because Marten is one of the Initiated Woke, she can speak for minority communities), her appointment by Biden is being criticized by the NAACP itself for her district's record of expelling black students at higher rates than other students.

"It's just concerning that the district has a track record of these expulsions and suspensions as early as kindergarten, and [Biden] takes that superintendent and makes them the deputy superintendent of schools across the nation. That, we have an issue with that at the NAACP," said Katrina Hasan Hamilton of the NAACP's San Diego branch.


Well, nobody can be woke 100% of the time, right?


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