Bill Maher taps the sign. This monologue on the sexualization of kids is something you HAVE to watch!
· Apr 20, 2024 ·

This monologue from last night's Real Time with Bill Maher is the definition of a must-watch.

The guy who came out pro-baby murder (in his own words) last week made it his mission this week to protect kids. This guy doesn't even like kids, but he sees what we've been pointing out for years.

After the video, I'll summarize Maher's points.

[Graphic sexual language and at least one F-bomb in a sexual use]

Guys, this monologue has EVERYTHING! Like, I think he may have stumbled across Not the Bee before putting this monologue together.

Maher goes through the recent Quiet on Set documentary, highlighting sexual abuse that happened at Nickelodeon. Something that's in the zeitgeist right now.

And while Maher starts aiming at Hollywood, this monologue takes an unexpected turn. Maher explicitly says, "DeSantis was right."

He was right about Disney sexualizing kids, and he was right when it came to the so-called "Don't Say Gay" bill. Maher talked about how Disney not only hires pedos but how they push a "Not-at-all secret gay agenda" as discovered by Chris Rufo.

Maher ALSO drags parents who are, essentially, pimping out their young children sexually on social media.

There are Instagram moms these days who are practically OnlyFans-ing their itty bitty beauty queen daughters by having them wear skimpy bikinis and eat bananas to build social media stardom. Their called "Sharenters" a hybrid of "sharing" and "parent." I call them pimps a hybrid of "pimp" and "s"

But Maher doesn't stop there. You know where else Maher sees problems? That's right, he takes aim at Drag Queen Story Hour.

Again, has he been reading our site?

Not that there's anything wrong with being a drag queen...

[Editor's note: There is]

But maybe it's time to admit that Drag Queen Story Hour is more for the queen than the kids.

Again, Maher is right. He's moving the conversation.

He even shows videos Libs of TikTok would feature and that we've featured on this site.

When I see a five-year-old tipping - TIPPING? - at a bar under a sign that says "It's not gonna lick itself," do I have to pretend that's cool in order to keep my Liberal ID card? Sorry, I can't do that.

Btw, if you are Libs of TikTok and you share this video of a kid tipping a drag queen, you're called a "Domestic Extremist" and get doxxed by the Washington Post. But if you wait a couple years you can be Bill Maher and show it on HBO and get all your lib friends to say, "Yes, you're right, that really is too far."

Sorry, libs, we've been here for years. It's a little late.

The only strong disagreement I have with Maher is that he doesn't see this world we are in as the logical extension of his liberal philosophy. Anyone to the left of Maher isn't a "real liberal" like him, so he won't take any responsibility for wokeness.

I think he's wrong, but that's sort of irrelevant. Because he's right about SO MUCH in this piece.

Back to the video.

[Kids are] gullible morons who will believe anything and just want to please grown-ups. And they don't have any frame of reference! So they normalize whatever's happening. That's why endlessly talking about gender to six-year-olds isn't just inappropriate, it's what the law would call "entrapment." Which means enticing people into doing something they wouldn't ordinarily do.

And, I'll add, it's what we on the right have been calling "grooming." This is what we mean. Introducing foreign ideas to gullible kids and getting them to believe there are special victimhood points to be won by being a sexual or gender "minority."

And if you think that some of that ISN'T going on with gender in schools, you're not watching enough TikTok videos.

Man, Libs of TikTok just went mainstream. Maher just pulls out a couple of TikToks in the style of LoTT and exposes the weirdos who are grooming your kid.

Maher shows two videos. Chaya Raichik through LoTT has shown us hundreds. Maybe thousands.

This, in my opinion, is probably the most important part of the monologue:

There's a certain kind of activist these days who wants to take heterosexuality, old-school, old fashioned, boring, minding-it's-own-business herterosexuality, and lump it in with patriarchy and sexism and racism and tell kids, "wouldn't it be cool if you were anything BUT that?"

It also seems to be the theme of kind of a lot of kids books these days.

Sounds like we've got a domestic terrorist school board protester here, people! Better put Maher in handcuffs!

Maher then proceeds to expose the "gay agenda" (which he doesn't believe in) that has been part of The Left for, quite literally, decades. Maher just thinks part of the gay agenda is okay, and they go off the rails somewhere around Drag Queen Story Hour.

Again, Maher doesn't see this as a consequence of liberalism. I think he's wrong.

But when he's right, he's right. And it may be a little late, but this "Ron DeSantis is right, Libs of TikTok is right, and Christopher Rufo is right" message, even though he fails to credit the hard work on the right exposing this, is somewhat of a vindication. It moves the needle.

Rufo raises a good question, and Riley Gaines asks the same thing.

Will the liberal media try to destroy Maher now? Or is he one of theirs, and is it okay for him to finally say what conservatives have been saying for 5 years or more?

If nothing else, Maher is moving the needle and catching some very powerful eyes and ears.

Auron MacIntyre, whose "Tap the Sign" meme has been the most effective tool against The Left has his thoughts.

(Here's the sign for the uninitiated)

The sign never, ever fails.

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