Black Lives Matter's PAC has already burned through most of its cash reserves, with the bulk of that going to a firm run by—surprise!—a BLM board member
· Apr 26, 2022 ·

Few cash-transfer gambits in modern history have been as successful as Black Lives Matter. The umbrella organization's multimillion-dollar finances are opaque, and its leaders are treating themselves to seven-figure houses in trendy Los Angeles neighborhoods. It's one heck of a cash cow!

Meanwhile, the hits just keep on coming:

Black Lives Matter PAC siphoned away almost all of its cash reserves during the first three months of 2022, with the largest chunk of funds going to a firm owned by a BLM board member.

BLM PAC ended March with just $19,750 in the bank after raising $80,000 and spending $116,000 during the first quarter, according to a filing submitted to the Federal Election Commission on Friday. The group has burned through nearly 94% of its available cash reserves since the start of 2021, when it controlled a $305,000 war chest.

So they've blown through, what, about $365,000 over the past fifteen months or so? That's relatively small by major PAC standards, but then again most major PACs actually get stuff done:

Bowers Consulting Firm, a company run by BLM board member Shalomyah Bowers, was the highest-paid BLM PAC vendor during the first quarter of 2022, having received $45,000 from the PAC for "strategic consulting services."

Elias Law Group, the law firm run by Democratic lawyer Marc Elias, received $8,000 for legal services rendered to BLM PAC during the period, and the Perkins Coie law firm received $8,350 for compliance services.

"BLM PAC's donors would be surprised to know their contributions are being paid to BLM insiders and consultants rather than electing their favorite candidates for the mid-term elections," said Paul Kamenar, counsel to watchdog group the National Legal and Policy Center.

Oh, the PAC's donors would be "surprised" to learn all of this? Really?

I find it hard to imagine that there is anyone left in the country who still believes it's a good idea to give money to Black Lives Matter. Donations which aren't hidden behind layers of opaque disclosure carve-outs are being funneled to enrich a tight circle of insiders making mad bank off of the whole charade.

It's so inspiring to see hustlers and hucksters go from nothing to millionaire status all over the course of a couple years. It lets you know the American dream is alive and well.

Don't forget to declare your BLM donations on your taxes before they're all indicted for tax fraud and money laundering!

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