BlackRock CEO Larry Fink says that he's dropping the term "ESG" because leaders like Ron DeSantis have killed the brand 💪
· Jun 26, 2023 ·

Guys, notch another win on your belt because we just tanked one of the biggest globalist schemes out there: Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) scores.

Larry Fink (yes, his real name is Fink) is the CEO of BlackRock investing and he has even recently admitted that his ESG plot is designed to force corporations to adopt woke leftist policies against their will.

He's changing the ESG branding because, according to him, it's been made political:

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink said he's no longer using the term "ESG" (environment, social and governance) because it is being politically "weaponized" and he's "ashamed" to be part of the debate on the issue.

Yes, the dude who wants to force companies to follow the woke cult or suffer thinks that the opposition to ESG has been weaponized.

Showing that turnabout is fair play, Florida under Ron DeSantis has led the pushback against ESG on a political level, explicitly making it law in Florida that state investments would NOT invest in companies like BlackRock and VanGuard that use ESG.

DeSantis also pulled $2 billion out of BlackRock investments in the state of Florida. His political actions have spearheaded the movement that is killing the ESG brand.

In a conversation at the Aspen Ideas Festival on Sunday, Fink acknowledged that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' decision to pull $2 billion in assets hurt his firm in 2022, but made clear last year was his company's best with net flows of $200 billion from U.S. clients.

He calls it the best year ever. I call it the beginning of the end.

We can also thank James Lindsay for being one of the first people on the right to sound the alarm about ESG, along with Glenn Beck, and causing politicians like DeSantis to stand up against the woke globalist machinations of Fink and his cohort.

Lindsay celebrates the victory but gives a word of important warning:

Keep the pressure on, people. The rebrand to "conscientious capitalism" is already well underway.

  • "I'm not going to use the word ESG because it's been misused by the far left and the far right," he added.

Of note: Instead, "we talk a lot about decarbonization, we talk a lot about governance … or social issues, if that's something we need to addressed," he said.

Florida law prevents any investment based on these sorts of social credit schemes, but they are the only state in the Union with such a backbone (and that's not counting the myriad of other countries that have bowed to the ESG scheme). Don't let them tell you that because the acronym "ESG" is defeated that they're done with it.

Commies always rebrand. Stay vigilant.

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