BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors quietly axed by Warner Brothers after failing to produce any of the content she promised
· May 29, 2023 ·

What!? You mean to tell me that the co-founder of Black Lives Matter took money under false pretenses, used it to fatten up her bank account, and then failed to deliver on her promised goal?

Well, if you've been paying any attention at all, you know that Patrisse Cullors, the self-described Marxist and BLM founder, has a history of raking in money and then buying things for herself and not coming through on her promises.

When it came to BLM, Cullors bought herself several large mansions, then failed to fund almost any of the affiliate charities, got the charity into hot water, then dipped and left no one in charge.

Now, it appears that Cullors has pulled the exact same grift with Warner Brothers.

She promised them anti-racist programming. She promised them children's shows. She took their money and then... nothing.

No, not a show about nothing. She gave them no shows whatsoever.

The Post can reveal no shows were produced under the deal, despite Cullors saying she planned dramas, comedies, documentary series and animated programming for children.

"The studio signed an overall deal with BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors at some point in 2020," said a source familiar with the studio's contract negotiations Friday.

"Deal expired at end of October 2022.

"The deal unfortunately did not result in any produced shows."

There is no reporting on the amount of money paid to Cullors to do nothing, but given the fact that she promised to produce MULTIPLE series and movies for WB, you can assume this was a HUGE deal.

Here's what Cullors planned to eventually get around to if WB had just given her a little more time. You know, because two years just isn't enough.

She said that she was working on documentaries on how the idea of "landback" — in which Native Americans have former tribal lands returned — could work as reparations. Another was on black social mobility in the US.

Cullors also said she was working on a scripted project about marijuana, and others on female black leaders and what she called "the toll" of life "under a system that doesn't see us, or makes us hyper-visible and also hyper-invisible at the same time."

I'm just glad that these shows never got made, because if they did actually get made we'd have to do stories about them, watch the clips, and write about it for you.

Now we can just be glad that she's been canned and we don't have to be subjected to the work of a Marxist con artist.

And as for Warner Brothers, well... you get what you pay for.

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