The New York Times doesn't like Disney's inclusive version of “The Little Mermaid” because it lacks "kink"
· May 29, 2023 ·

There's been a fair amount of talk about Disney changing up Hans Christian Anderson's Little Mermaid to be more racially inclusive, including my favorite suggestion to make the movie more realistic from Matt Walsh:

I'll admit I never once thought those suggestions would include adding more sexuality to the movie.

I know that seems like a rookie mistake this late in the culture wars, but for some reason, I thought a children's movie should be just that: a movie for children.

Luckily, The New York Times was there to correct us all:

That's right. What Disney's new Little Mermaid is missing is kink.

Disney needed to include more sexual grooming of children. According to the article:

"...the rowboat scene in which Ariel shows Eric how to say her name, a scene that produces "Kiss the Girl," the calypso number that Sebastian (voiced with an island accent by Daveed Diggs) sings to cajole Eric into planting one on Ariel and unwittingly restoring her voice. (The lyrics have been tweaked to add more consent)...[is] the swooniest things get."

Almost kissing is the swooniest things get...


While this critique is certainly getting the most attention on the Right, no one on the Left seems to be complaining that the rest of the article complains about the race switching.

It makes a lot of the same critiques those against the movie have made.

"The colorization hasn't led to a racialized, radicalized adventure. It's not a Black adaptation, an interpretation that imbues white material with Black culture until it's something completely new; it's not 'The Wiz.' It's still a Disney movie, one whose heroine now, sigh, happens to be Black."

The writer also wonders about the historical setting of the movie and how out of place it all is.

I mean, with all these Black women running around in a period that seems like the 19th century, the talk of ships and empire, Brazil and Cartagena just makes me wonder about the cargo on these boats.

In case you're not getting the reference there, the writer is implying that Prince Eric is transporting slaves, which is ironic because in the movie Eric is adopted, and the king and queen are black.

No kink and the implied promotion of slavery?

I mean how much more sexist and racist can Disney get?

The point of it all is the sooner corporations like Disney realize they'll never really satisfy the woke monster, the sooner we can get back to normal.

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