"White women are one of the most dangerous groups in the U.S."
· May 29, 2023 · NottheBee.com


I'm not a racist like this woman, but I should note that black Americans (13% of the population) account for 51% of all robbery, 34% of all aggravated assault, 36% of all serious non-fatal violent crimes, and 22% of all rape, per the DOJ. Despite being only 6% of the population, more black men were murdered in 2020 than all white Americans combined, and if you think that proves white racism sit down because the vast majority of the perps are black themselves.

A rational society might realize where the real problem is so that many lives, including young black men's, could be saved.

In the bike situation this woman alludes to, there was ample evidence a group of black men stole the rented bike of pregnant nurse and got her suspended for it by painting her as the villain, which should tell you where privilege is in this country.

But yeah, uh huh… "whiteness" is the cult. Sure.

* * *

Update: A few commenters noted that white women are the driving force behind voting in the "progressive" candidates pushing unlimited abortion, mandates, and gun confiscation, so in a weird roundabout way this woman might be right!

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