British Airways stops saying "ladies and gentlemen" for the sake of “diversity and inclusion"
· Oct 12, 2021 ·

Ladies and gentlemen (and we do mean ladies and gentlemen), it might not be a good idea to trust a company that has no hold on reality when said company is responsible for your safety at 30,000 feet.

I wonder if British Airways still trusts in scientific facts such as aerodynamic lift and gravity. Who are you puny humans to tell a plane without wings that it can't fly??

The Telegraph reported that the announcement came in the past few weeks, and while news reports indicate pilots and crew have been told not to say "ladies and gentleman" in favor of gender-neutral language, it is unclear what they should say instead.

"We celebrate diversity and inclusion and we're committed to ensuring that all our customers feel welcome when travelling with us," a spokesman for British Airways told the Telegraph. That spokesman also told I News that the airline was "committed to using inclusive language that makes all our customers feel welcome " and had been "using inclusive language at the airport for over a year."

British Airways isn't the only airline that's capitulated to the new woke religion.

I News also reported that Air Canada was the first major airline to switch to gender neutral greetings, making the change in October 2019. That airline says "everyone" instead of "ladies and gentlemen."

Japan Airlines and Lufthansa made the change in July 2020. Those airlines say "dear guests" instead of "ladies and gentlemen."

Air Malta and Australian airline Qantas have also removed "ladies and gentlemen" from their greetings.

I honestly couldn't care less if an airline said "guests" or "passengers" instead of some formal greeting that's mainly used today in theatrical productions.

This issue is that they're making such a big spectacle to bow down at the modern altar of sexual fetishes and identity dysphoria.

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