British archaeologists have discovered a 1,700-year-old egg with its yolk still intact
· Feb 12, 2024 ·

I don't think I had any idea that this sort of thing was physically possible.

Archaeologists in Britain have discovered an egg from 1,700 years ago when Britain was under Roman rule. And there is still egg stuff inside.

That thing has gotta stink!

But it's the only egg like it in the world.

The egg, which is about 1,700 years old, was found during a dig in Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire ...

However, they admitted they were "blown away" recently to find it still contained the yolk and egg white.

A micro CT scan - that produces 3D images - revealed the contents of the egg, complete with the air sac.

The yolk, the white, the air sac. The whole egg.

An egg that you do not want to crack.

Edward Biddulph, senior project manager at Oxford Archaeology, which oversaw the excavation, said while finding the only intact egg from the period in Britain was 'amazing ... the fact that the egg still retains its original contents, however, is absolutely incredible.'

He said: 'We were absolutely blown away when we saw the contents in there, as we might have expected them to have leeched out.'

They found this particular egg nearly 5 years ago, it was the only one they didn't break during excavation.

There were other ancient eggs found, all of which broke and let out a reportedly unbelievably "potent stench."

The egg has also been taken to London's Natural History Museum, where Douglas Russell, senior curator of the museum's birds' eggs and nests collection, and his colleague Arianna Bernucci were consulted about how to conserve the egg and remove the contents without breaking it.

Mr Russell said: 'There are older eggs with contents - for example, the [museum] has a series of mummified birds' eggs, probably excavated ... from the catacombs of sacred animals at Denderah, Upper Egypt in 1898 which may be older.

'However, this is the oldest unintentionally preserved avian egg I have ever seen. That makes it fascinating.'

Right now they're trying to remove the contents of the egg without breaking the shell. Why? I don't know. I guess they don't want an egg with everything still inside displayed in the museum.

Because, you know, it's a rotten egg.

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