Report: Campus Crusade says there is a "growing hunger for Christianity" on American college campuses
· Feb 12, 2024 ·

Campus Crusade, a campus ministry that works with students across 2,088 college campuses, has seen a massive increase in Generation Z college students turning to Christ over the last three years.

Dan Allan, executive director of mission expansion for Cru, told The College Fix in an interview this month,

Every year for the past three years Cru has seen a higher percentage of students coming to faith when someone shares the gospel with them.

Allan shared a comment from one of their New England regional directors:

We've seen greater growth in our Cru movement here than we've experienced in our 13 years here.

On a side note, I know some of the regional Cru directors in New England, and that region's schools are notoriously hostile to Christianity, so a statement like that is miraculous to say the least.

Here are some examples of recent revivals happening across campuses in the U.S.:

Catholic campus ministries are also seeing major growth.

While I can certainly understand being cautious about jumping on every bandwagon and getting caught up in the moment, I also see the increasingly dark world the Zoomers are living in.

Marlo Slayback, a national director at the Intercollegiate Studies Institute (which is not a Christian institute), commented on the growing trend:

What has changed, I think, is the culture surrounding Gen Z. It's a recipe for despair, hopelessness, nihilism, disaffection, alienation. They look around at our decaying culture and understandably feel alienated and lost at sea. Passive parenting and a lack of role models who exemplify an unequivocal virtue are partially to blame.

She said many students she interacts with crave traditional Christianity, which provides the guidance and structure that they have lacked.

On top of that, the universities have changed dramatically. 15-20 years ago, the schools were full of old-school post modernists, who really believed in tolerance and everybody having their own truth. They didn't like Christians, but they tolerated them.

I can't count the times I heard the classic postmodern dismissal: "Let's agree to disagree."

However, I hear from young men and women in the universities today, all the time, that their administrators, professors, and fellow students are openly hostile to Christianity, even at what are considered traditionally Christian schools.

Following Christ on today's campuses is a lot more like getting openly baptized in a Muslim country.

These young people know they're giving up status, friends, and even family when they follow Christ, and subjecting themselves to ridicule and persecution, yet they are still following Him in large numbers.

Slayback, when asked if talk about a Christian revival among college students is just wishful thinking, told The Fix there are reasons to hope.

'I'm a Christian so of course I have hope, but I'm also a realist and I realize we live in a post-Christian society,' she said. 'What gives me hope, though, is these students are bucking trends and finding God against all the odds that the culture is putting against them.'

Slayback said: 'Widespread pornography, addiction, public vulgarity, and abortion are rife and this is all compounded by the general lack of quality friendships and role models students have today.'

'But the students who are opening their hearts to God are doing it against immense pressure and friction, and this fortitude is also the quality of great leaders whose courage and faith motivate them to do great things,' she said.

In today's cancel-culture society, I think they know there's no going back once they've publicly said Christ is Lord.

What will this generation baptized in persecution accomplish for the Kingdom?

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