Black comedian tells George Floyd joke, causing a bunch of audience members to up and leave
· Feb 12, 2024 ·

This is comedian David Lucas. David had just had himself some fun with a heckler who complimented his man ... bosom. The heckler, after being invited on stage and declining the offer, ended up leaving the show after embarrassing himself.

Since the heckler was a black man, Lucas made this next joke. Why don't you just watch and see how that went and I'll meet you down below the vid.

[Warning: Strong Language, Thoughtcrime]



Oooh boy!

Yeah, apparently St. George Floyd is still off limits!

And the "I like Kyle Rittenhouse too" line was the nail in the coffin.

Cheers to Mr. Lucas for speaking his mind up there. 2024 is not an easy time to do that.

This video not only proves that you can't joke about St. George Floyd, but it proves that as a comedian you shouldn't spend too much time talking to hecklers. Here's a longer vid for context:

[Warning: Language Again]

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