It's so over
· Feb 12, 2024 ·

Guys, I regret to inform you that it is, in fact, so over.

Kamala Harris says she's "ready to serve" according to the Wall Street Journal.

With news about Joe Biden's mental decline grabbing all of the headlines, someone had to ask Kamala if she was going to be prepared if the worst should happen to the aging Commander-in-Chief, and of course, she's champing at the bit.

Vice President Kamala Harris was detailing her priorities for the campaign during a flight on Air Force Two early last week when she was asked a delicate question hanging over the Democratic ticket: Do voters' concerns about President Biden's age mean she must convince them she is ready to serve?

'I am ready to serve. There's no question about that," Harris responded bluntly. Everyone who sees her on the job, Harris said, "walks away fully aware of my capacity to lead.'

Kamala, while on her pro-abortion US tour, was more than happy to let the press know that she is SO ready to be President.

She has no hesitation about taking the office.

In recent months, Harris has taken on greater and more public responsibilities. She has become the administration's lead messenger on abortion rights, was put in charge of the White House's new Office of Gun Violence Prevention and is playing a higher-profile role in the administration's handling of the war in Gaza.

You know, because she was SO great at being border czar!

But, seriously, it does look like the White House may be prepping Kamala for the Oval Office.

Of course, the real problem is Republicans "seizing" on Harris' obvious incompetence.

The article claims that Harris supporters think she's being held to a higher standard because sexism and racism.

But they also think that Republicans are bad for noticing Harris' idiocy.

Republicans have seized on Harris's central campaign role, calling her more liberal and unpredictable than Biden. "A vote for President Biden is a vote for Kamala Harris," former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley has said.

With the release of the special counsel report, Republicans are now expected to make Harris's readiness an even bigger line of attack. 'She might be the top issue in the election,' said Scott Jennings, a GOP strategist.

Yeah, but who really thinks that Biden is still going to be on the ticket in 2024?

It looks like maybe the Democrats have chosen their candidate in Kamala.

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