British pianist forced to stop playing in public space because Chinese tourists didn't like being in the background of his livestream
· Jan 22, 2024 ·

I found a video of peak entitlement:

So basically, this guy is in a huge public train station - St. Pancras in London to be exact - just playing the piano as a free British man in Britain. Then, these snooty commies come over, make a big scene, demand he stop filming, yell at him, and call the police.

Of course, the British police sided with the ChiComms!

It's truly insane.

Here's the full video for context. If it disappears, it means these Chinese wackos convinced the British government to force YouTube to take it down:

See you can't film the CCP, but the CCP can film you (look at the guy on the right):

British peeps, how does it feel to be a peasant class to your global overlords? Make sure not to offend your CCP masters.

Oh, you don't like it? You thought the British Isles were for the British?

Well, the British police are here to harass the British if the British complain!

What's that? You don't like your tax dollars being used to treat you like a third-class citizen in your country?

What are you, a racist???

Let's rocking and a 'rolling in the free world... Let's keep our freedoms. Something as simple as playing the piano in public and filing in public... these are basic things.

I'd say you Englishmen could fight back, but alas, you gave up your guns while you adopted CCTV and personal pronouns. You might as well start brushing up on your Mandarin because the Han master race might not like you speaking English in England soon.

As for America where we still have a bit of freedom left, here are the faces of the puppeteers who control our current White House resident. They're coming for us next:

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