Bud Light sales have fallen off a steep cliff in only one week following Dylan-Mulvaney-gate, costing the brand millions
· Apr 11, 2023 · NottheBee.com

These stats are BRUTAL.

Bud Light, the biggest beer brand in America, is getting drawn and quartered by its customer base after paying pretend "girl" Dylan Mulvaney to sell their goods.

Consider these reports from bars across America:

  • Case & Bucks near Anheuser-Busch's HQ in St. Louis has seen a 30% drop in Bud Light bottle sales and a 50% drop in Bud Light on tap.
  • Braintree Brewhouse in Massachusetts, a huge sports bar near liberal Boston, normally sells 25 Bud Light bottles to each bottle of rivals Miller Lite and Coors Light, but this week there has been an 80% drop in Bud Light drinkers. Owner Alex Kesaris went an extra step and found out that the 20% who did order Bud Light hadn't heard the news, but said "they didn't order it again" after other customers told them about Dylan Mulvaney.
  • A bar in Texas with a dart league sponsored by Bud Light normally sells three kegs of Bud Light during the weekly event, or 495 12-ounce bottles. The bar only sold FOUR 12-ounce bottles this week, a decline of 99%.
  • A pub in the LGBT-friendly neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen in uber-liberal New York City reported a 58% drop in Bud Light draft sales and a 70% drop in bottle sales.

This is being repeated across every store, restaurant, and bar in America. Take the example of this gas station in rural Georgia:

Mere days after the backlash began, Anheuser-Busch distributors began worrying about the lack of sales, something that is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

But in one week alone, the brand – and the company as a whole – has lost millions in sales that it will never recover. Bud Light has literally said "hold my beer" to all the other go-woke-go-broke companies!

"They've already done enough damage in one week to disrupt year-long sales projections," said a national beer-sales representative who talked with FOX. "You don't just make up those sales. People aren't going to drink twice as much Bud Light the following weekend to recover the lost business."

Industry insiders are baffled at the decision to market to the tiny fraction of the population comprised of woke activists pushing to platform mentally ill men like Dylan Mulvaney.

"It's kind of mind-boggling they stepped into this realm," said John Rieker, who owns Harpo's Bar and Grill in Chesterfield, Missouri. "You're marketing to an audience that represents a fraction of 1% of consumers while alienating the much larger base of your consumers."

Nearly no one in the beer industry understands why Bud Light made this move.

"Sometimes you just want to drink a beer without getting a lecture on social or political commentary or someone's sexual orientation," said Patrick Imig, a hospitality consultant in St. Louis.

The reason this ad partnership was made, of course, is because companies are expected these days to pledge their allegiance to far-left political policies, partially because the truly devout see this as inevitable "progress" into a glorious woke future, and partially because woke governments and woke investment firms like BlackRock and Vanguard have trillions of dollars to support companies that pledge said allegiance... or to destroy them.

This is why Bud Light thought hiring their new woke VP of marketing was a great idea!

This government-corporate alliance of political power used to force citizens to comply with their political aims (there used to be a word for this) is being seen in every board room of every Fortune 500 company.

Boycotts of woke products have not largely worked because the media stonewalls coverage of both the controversy and the backlash, keeping the majority of the population in the dark.

But something has happened with Bud Light that touches the nerve of the common man and spreads by word of mouth. Even the dumbest ship's captains in history knew you don't mess with a man's grog!

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