The FBI is now associating internet slang such as "based" or "red pilled" with violent extremism
· Apr 11, 2023 ·

It is an honor and a privilege to be the based Chad who gets to red pill you with this article.

Yes, you can no longer say "based," or "red pilled," or even "looksmaxxing" without being seen as an extremist by the FBI.

I'm not joking.

The Heritage Foundation's Oversight Project said it used a Freedom of Information Act request to expose FBI documents that include glossaries showing that common internet slang has been flagged as an indication of "Involuntary Celibate Violent Extremism" or "Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremism."

Part of the document refers specifically to "incels," or those "involuntary celibate," whom the "threat overview" describes as possibly seeking to "commit violence in support of their beliefs that society unjustly denies them sexual or romantic attention, to which they believe they are entitled."

The assessment notes, "While most incels do not engage in violence," some have been involved in "at least five lethal attacks in the United States and Canada."



It's hard to believe, but I think the FBI is being serious here.

Let me show you some of the terms they define as "extreme."

The glossary defines the term "Chad" as a "Race -specific term used to describe the idealized version of a male, who is very successful at getting sexual and romantic attention from women," later noting, "incels unsuccessfully compete against Chads for attention."

The list also included the term "Looksmaxxing" which is defined in the document as the "process of self-improvement with the intent to become more attractive"...

"Red Pill" also appears in this list, but with a different description: "In the context of RMVE ideology, taking the red pill or becoming ‘redpilled' indicates the adoption of racist, anti-Semitic, or fascist beliefs."

"Based" is defined by the FBI as a word used to "refer to someone who has been converted to racist ideology, or as a way of indicating ideological agreement." In regular parlance, based is a context-specific word coined by rapper Lil B that can mean, as KnowYourMeme describes, anything ranging from "something that is ‘agreeable' and ‘cool,'" to something "considered anti-woke."

The list also includes the term "LARPing," which was originally used to describe people engaged in live-action roleplay, often as characters in high-fantasy settings.

In a political context, the term can be used for people with an impractical or improbable political vision, such as imagining a monarchist future for the United States.

The FBI glossary says the term is used to "deride individuals accused of not being as extreme, or in possession of skills or other valued characteristics they claim to have."

All of these terms, if you use them on the internet or in your everyday life, will show others that you're an extremist capable of atrocities unseen in human history.

Seriously, I'm red pilling you right this instant with this article and it's amazing how based some of you will be when you repost this to your social media pages.

You'll be called a Chad, and maybe you'll even feel like you're red pilling others in the process.

And that is all fine and dandy until the FBI finds out about it.

They'll keep a close eye on you, you based Chad, you.

You're an "extremist" now, no matter how hard you try not to be.

Maybe once the FBI finds out you're a Chad, they'll hit you up on the internet, see if you want to go with them to shoot up a mall or a school or something. They'd love that!

So now I want you to go out into the world not only as a red-pilled person, but as a white-pilled person as well. With the white pill you'll be educated, optimistic, and prepared to fight the power you understand so well.

Because the more you know, the more you'll be labeled an extremist by the FBI.

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