Burger King Austria unveils "Pride Burgers" that come with "two matching buns for equal love and equal rights"
· Jun 6, 2022 · NottheBee.com

Burger King is gay. Like, super gay.

Remember this?

Well, the fast-food chain has come out with another ad campaign to sexualize your burgers, this time by offering people two top bun or two bottom buns with its "Pride" burgers:

The caption reads:

May we introduce? The Pride WHOPPER®. With two equal buns for equal love and equal rights.

We set an example for the equality of all identities and sexual orientations. A little twist meant to put a smile on our faces and remind us to treat each other with respect and peace. No matter who you are and who you love. #TimeToBeProud.

The Pride WHOPPER® is now open until June 20th. available in all restaurants! How are you celebrating Pride this year?

As one commenter said, "Capitalism, but make it woke!"

At least this looney marketing campaign that no one asked for is better than what Royal Dutch Airlines tried to do with seatbelts a few years ago...

That being said, like humans and seatbelts, burgers also have a design. There's a reason burger buns are shaped the way they are.

If you want to deny that design, go ahead, but don't complain when you have two soggy bottoms without sesame seeds or when your burger is too rotund to either set down or fit in your mouth!

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