Bless their little hearts, Burger King is trying to make meatless burgers "normal"
· Jul 17, 2022 ·

We all remember it: At least once in the 1990s, everyone's mom went on a vegetarian kick and announced that the household would be meat-free from thenceforth. This usually lasted about nine minutes.

How long, I wonder, do you think Burger King's new vegetarian fixation will last? I'd say at least half an hour.

Just shortly after the news that one in three Burger King burgers sold in Belgium is meat-free, and in some locations even one in two, BK reveals that from now on, almost the entire Burger King range, including the popular classics, will be served on a plant-based basis in Austria. ...

"At BURGER KING® we are making meatless indulgence a permanent fixture on our menu, because meat no longer comes naturally to everyone. With the provocative question "Normal or meat?", we want to show that we take our customers and their needs seriously. Because from now on, we also serve almost our entire range on a plant-based basis", says Jan-Christoph Küster, Marketing Director of the TQSR Group, the Austrian master franchisee of Burger King.

"Meatless indulgence," eh? Is that what you're calling these soy isoflavone things?

On its website, meanwhile, Burger King Austria is reaaallly trying to sell it:

With the question "Normal, or with meat?" we question the current social standard and want to stimulate reflection: Is meat really "normal"? Or with the many ingenious, plant-based alternatives, there is not also the possibility that meat can be questioned as an absolute norm in the future. We think: All the time!

Ha ha! Yeah I think I'll do without it, my friends. Next time I'm in Austria I'll probably just mosey on over to the McDonald's across the street.

There's nothing normal about a meatless future and we all know it!


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