California lawmaker introduces Bill of Rights for Dogs and Cats granting them the "right to a life of comfort, free of fear and anxiety"
· Feb 18, 2022 ·

I'm all for preventing animal cruelty and whatnot, but why are we limiting this to cats and dogs? I frankly find it quite insulting to all the beloved horses, bunnies, goldfish, and hamsters that are so obviously excluded from this bill of rights.

What about their "complex feelings that are common among living animals while being unique to each individual animal"?

Yes, that's an actual line from the bill, AB-1881 Animal Welfare: Dog and Cat Bill of Rights.

The bill was introduced earlier this month by Assembly Member Miguel Santiago who represents district 53 in (I'm sure you already guessed this) Los Angeles, California.

The proposed bill states that it,

"Would require every public animal control agency or shelter, society for the prevention of cruelty to animals shelter, humane society shelter, or rescue group to post a copy of the Dog and Cat Bill of Rights."

California already has laws on the books to criminalize the abuse or neglect of animals, but this bill goes a step further by requiring the bill of rights to be posted publicly.

Oooh, the animal abusers are probably out there trembling when they see the poster at the humane shelter that requires them to provide their cats with a life free from anxiety.

I mean, has the author of this bill ever met a cat?

Can't they at least change the language to "the pursuit of a life free from anxiety"? Because that seems more reasonable.

The bill of rights is as follows:

(a) Dogs and cats have the right to be free from exploitation, cruelty, neglect, and abuse.

(b) Dogs and cats have the right to a life of comfort, free of fear and anxiety.

(c) Dogs and cats have the right to daily mental stimulation and appropriate exercise.

(d) Dogs and cats have the right to nutritious food, sanitary water, and shelter in an appropriate and safe environment.

(e) Dogs and cats have the right to preventive and therapeutic health care.

(f) Dogs and cats have the right to be properly identified through tags, microchips, or other humane means.

(g) Dogs and cats have the right to be spayed and neutered to prevent unwanted litters.

At least they aren't forcing dogs to carry unwanted pregnancies. 🙄


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