California lawmakers want to ban police dogs from arrests and crowd control because they're racist
· Mar 23, 2023 ·

Everything is racist, including those you'd least expect.

A new proposed law, California Assembly Bill 742, would ban K9s from being used during arrests or for crowd control.

The bill was moved forward by the Public Safety Committee, which cited racial bias as the primary reason for the legislation.

"The use of police canines has been a mainstay in this country's dehumanizing, cruel, and violent abuse of Black Americans and people of color for centuries." AB 742 states. "First used by slave catchers, police canines are a violent carry-over from America's dark past. In recent decades, they have been used in brutal attempts to quell the Civil Rights Movement, the LA Race Riots, and in response to Black Lives Matter protests."

Democrat lawmakers Corey Jackson and Ash Kalra introduced the bill, saying it would "end a deeply racialized traumatic and harmful practice by prohibiting the use of police canines."

That's right. Our police are systemically racist and you only EVER see police dogs being used on helpless black people, which is obviously why we need to ban them. It's not like they're ever used to catch other bad guys (California doesn't even have a crime problem, anyway!).

Take this brutal example of a poor California black man being assaulted by the dogs:

[Warning: Violent]

That poor (very, very white) black man.

(He has to be black because I've been told white people have privilege and the cops let them get away with everything.)

"The use of police canines has severe and potentially deadly consequences for bite victims, especially communities of color," said Carlos Marquez III, executive director of ACLU California Action. "This bill sets a new standard for California and marks an important step in ending this inhumane practice."

Wait, are you saying dog bites are more deadly to people with darker skin?

Or just that people with darker skin tend to be bitten more?

I'm assuming it's the latter. Why then would non-whites be more affected by police using dogs to respond to violent crime?

  • Option 1: All police officers are racist against non-whites
  • Option 2: More violent crime is committed by non-whites.

Let's head over to the 2020 California Criminal Justice Statistics report from the state's attorney general:

Homicides rose from 1,679 to 2,202, an increase of 31.1%;

Of the homicides where the victim's race or ethnicity was identified:

  • 45.3% were Hispanic;
  • 30.7% were black;
  • 16.4% were white; and
  • 7.5% were of other race or ethnic groups;

I know those are statistics for the victim, but the vast majority of perpetrators are within the same ethnic group as their victims – a trend that holds true across the nation, per FBI data.

The same FBI data shows that there are serious crime problems within the black community in particular.

But California doesn't provide racial background on the perps (why do you think that is?), so banning dogs will definitely get rid of the problem!

Maybe instead of banning one of the most effective tools in policing, we should look at the issues of fatherlessness, gang culture, drug use, social cohesion, cartel influence, religion, and education that is affecting these different ethnic groups.


"Police canines have roots in slavery and have been used as tools of oppression for Black, Brown and other communities of color," said Rick L. Callender, president of the CA/HI NAACP. "With this bill, we sever ties with the terrorizing past and move towards a brighter future."

A brighter future filled with more violent criminals who are much harder to catch!


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