California woman falls head first into vault toilet while trying to retrieve phone, requires two fire departments to pull her out 🤢
· Apr 22, 2022 ·

An unidentified woman in her 40s was using the, um, "rustic" facilities at Olympic National Forest in Washington when she dropped her phone in the vault toilet at the top of Mt. Walker.

She attempted to retrieve the phone using her dog's leash, and when that didn't work, attempted to lower herself into the toilet using the leash. That obviously didn't work out too well for her, as she then fell head first into the toilet.

The Brinnon Fire Department posted the full story to their Facebook page:

After trying to escape for nearly 20 minutes, the woman used her phone to call 911. At least she succeeded in getting her phone back (that should be some consolation for all the effort and embarrassment she went through).

Two nearby fire departments responded to her call and were able to pull her to safety, hose her down, and offer her a disposable Tyvek suit.

According to the Facebook post, the woman was,

…strongly encouraged to seek medical attention after being exposed to human waste, but she only wanted to leave.

Who could blame her? I would go home too.

But I also hope I wouldn't dive head first into a toilet after my phone in the first place!

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