Former NFL MVP Cam Newton got jumped by 6 dudes at a football tournament this weekend and those bros didn't stand a chance
· Feb 26, 2024 ·

Why would anyone try to jump Cam Newton? Dude's 6'5", 240 pounds, and in his day — which wasn't long ago — he was one of the world's most premier athletes.

Not only that, but these dudes jumped him at a 7-on-7 passing tournament where he was simply there to coach his team. He's literally out here in Atlanta trying to help kids put their names on the map in the football world — as he's been doing for years in that community — and we got kids trying to jump him. And believe it or not, this isn't the first time Cam's run into trouble at one of these events — sometimes at his own camps.

Here's the tape from Sunday:



Seriously, why?

This man is coaching a team in this tournament — something he doesn't have to do — and you're going to jump him because your team lost to his?

Bros are lucky they're mostly minors or Cam wouldn't have taken it so easy on ‘em.

Times sure have changed. When I was a kid you'd be lucky to attend an event where the coaches even played a single snap in the NFL. Now we got kids out here trashing an NFL MVP. Unbelievable.

I love this take from Shannon Sharpe, so I'm gonna let him do some talking for me here.

As Sharpe notes, it's a good thing nobody went and got the gun out of the car in this situation, as so many weak men are known to do these days when someone gets the best of them.

Props to Cam Newton for continuing his service to the Atlanta community (though I won't blame him if that was his last rodeo).

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