Joy Reid went on a wild-eyed rant asking why we need more kids when we already have 300+ million people in America
· Feb 26, 2024 ·

Guys, I would say that Joy Reid has officially lost it, but let's be honest, she never had it.

Joy Reid went on a bizarre, incoherent, hate-filled rant about people having more kids and I can't describe it any more clearly than that. You have to watch it.

The United States has a population of north of 327 million people. Why do we need more kids? I mean, your party, Senator Tuberville, is the one screaming that 10 million immigrants, which I don't know if that number even makes any sense cause it doesn't, have streamed into the country since Joe Biden has been president and you're claiming that that's too many people. That if more people come into the southern border this is some sort of crisis ... but now you're saying 'we need more kids?'

This is in response to Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville's assertion that the IVF ruling in Alabama should be overturned because we need more kids through IVF.

Both he and Joy Reid are both off base in my opinion, but she's completely untethered from reality.

Like, does Joy not know the difference between American citizens having American babies born in America and, you know, hordes of young foreign men, often criminals, wanting to come into the country and leech off the system?

Joy Reid's not too bright, so maybe she doesn't know the difference. But there's a difference!!

Reid goes on, and gets crazier.

You're also a senator from the state of Alabama ... are you saying the state of Alabama needs more kids? Why does the state of Alabama need more kids? More kids for what?

What do you have against Alabamians, Joy?

I think we know what ...

She goes on to explain that her brain is infected with CRT-style "everything is about race" thinking.

There was a time when the state of Alabama absolutely needed more kids because, you know, Alabama was a slave state and the mandate of the planter class in Alabama was for black women to produce more kids because those kids were property and they could work more kids and make more money on their plantations.

Are you saying the state of Alabama needs more kids because you think those populations will include people who are maybe destitute and desperate enough that if you kick out the immigrants ... you can make them do the work that the migrants are doing now? Cause that kind of sounds slavery-ish.

Dudes. I have no clue what she's talking about.

Tommy Tuberville is trying to be pro-life. And Joy Reid thinks it's a way to replace the former slave and current migrant worker population? I guess? I can't really follow what she's talking about.

Like, if the state of Alabama and Tubbs were as racist as she's implying wouldn't they want ... more illegal immigrants to work for essentially slave wages?

But that's the Democrat plan!

The Republican plan is to enslave their own children or create a slave class using frozen IVF embryos or something like that.

Joy tries to explain more. It gets worse.

You're saying 'we.' Are you saying white folks need more kids? Is this like a great replacement thing where you're concerned there's not enough white people in the population versus the growth of the latino population, the black population, the Asian-American population? So the we is 'white people' need to make white women have more kids and that's the we and that's the why? Because that's a little creepy. A little Handsmaid Tale-y, don't you think?

Guys, Joy Reid is a loon.

I mean, you already knew that. But still.

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