Can someone please explain to me why everything in our pop culture looks like this now?
· Dec 8, 2022 ·

This, from Time Magazine, is corny enough on the merits:

A reckless, self-serving, corrupt national leader dragging the planet toward all-out world war is "Person of the Year?" They haven't gotten it this wrong since they gave Adolf Hitler the award in 1938!

(Okay, okay, that's a bit strong, but you get the point.)

But beyond that, I just gotta ask: Why does Time's "Person of the Year" cover look like... well, like literally everything else in our pop culture now?

By that I mean "a highly stylized poster featuring a central main character surrounded by an absolute menagerie of busy supporting characters and plot points." Like:

Tell me that doesn't look like, I dunno, every single Marvel movie poster ever?

Or the adverts for Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" reboot?

Or the bills for those unwatchable Star Wars movies?

Or the movie "Bullet Train?"

Or the poster for that movie "Uncharted"?

Heck, they're even doing it for game shows now!

Can someone please explain why this is a thing and also please make it stop??

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