New Zealand just seized guardianship of a baby because his parents didn't want him to receive vaxxed blood
· Dec 8, 2022 ·

I want to reflexively say "this is nuts." But... well, this is kind of getting to be normal at this point, right?

A critically-ill six-month-old baby will be placed under the temporary guardianship of New Zealand's High Court after his parents refused to allow him to undergo lifesaving heart surgery using blood from people vaccinated against Covid-19.

Handing down the judgment on Wednesday, Justice Ian Gault ruled that the boy, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, would remain under the court's guardianship until he had recovered from the surgery. ...

Following the court's ruling, Dr. Mike Shepherd, Auckland's interim director of the New Zealand Health Service, said its decisions were "always made with the best interests of the child in mind."

Oh, the "best interests of the child" include stripping his parents of medical oversight and subjecting him to a medical procedure of indeterminant outcome?

Note that the family tried to make things easier:

The parents had previously demanded the New Zealand Blood Service take a donation from a person chosen by the family, but the agency refused and said it does not make a distinction between vaccinated and unvaccinated donors.

The court heard that Dr Kirsten Finucane, the chief pediatric cardiac surgeon at Auckland's Starship Hospital, had told the parents it was "simply impractical to have a directed donor."

Um, I don't quite see how it's "impractical." You find a person, you stick a line in that person, you get enough blood from that person to cover the operation. Done. Easy. Very easy.

Seems to me like if you live in New Zealand it might be a good time to get the ever-loving heck out of there.

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