As Jill Biden tests positive for Covid, let's remember all the famous people who were super grateful for the vaccine after testing positive 🤣
· Aug 16, 2022 ·

This is, in its own pathetic way, rather inspirational.

At any rate, these folks are unafraid to stick with a belief system even after it's been pretty soundly disproven.

Let's go through some of the golden hits, shall we?

Here's the CEO of Pfizer expressing gratitude that he's been injected with a novel new gene therapy four times in 18 months even though he still ended up getting the virus he was supposed to be protected from:

Here's the governor of California, who on Memorial Day weekend got sick with COVID even though he was "vaccinated" against it.

Then there was Mitten Queen Gretch, who got sick a little over a week ago:

Here's notable state election loser Stacey Abrams, who wasn't too grateful to lose her run for Georgia governor a few years ago but is definitely grateful to be vaccinated (and boosted!) against a virus she contracted anyway:

Here's former President Barack Obama, whom the historian Michael Beschloss once deemed "probably the smartest guy ever to become president," just positively oozing gratitude over getting "vaccinated and boosted" against the COVID virus for which he nonetheless ended up testing positive.

Here's Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot who gives all credit to the COVID vaccines for keeping her safe from the COVID with which she was then infected. I hope she enjoyed that mandatory isolation!

Here's Native American hero Elizabeth Warren who got vaccinated and boosted and yet still got the virus anyway. But don't worry y'all she's as thankful for the vaccines as was Squanto at the first Thanksgiving!

Here's our very competent Vice President:

That very serious Adam Schiff guy:

House Speaker and Wine Club Hall Of Fame Member Nancy Pelosi:

Biden's Secretary of the Interior:

The White House Domestic Policy Advisor:

Senator Tina Smith of Minnesota, eh:

You get the idea...

But we can't forget America's One True Empress too!!

So grateful for all this gratitude!

Then, finally, we come at last to the most recent victim of vaccine gratefulness: First Lady Jill Biden:

Feel grateful soon, Doctor Jill!

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