WATCH: Terrified Shanghai shoppers flee IKEA as government locks down building after tracking Covid contact to store
· Aug 16, 2022 ·

The Chinese people have been living like this for two and a half years:

Roughly translated:

IKEA Xuhui in Shanghai wanted to prohibit entry and exit to cooperate with epidemiological investigations, scaring customers to flee quickly. Don't go shopping in China until the virus is eliminated, remember.

More from CNN:

Panicked shoppers rushed for the exits at an Ikea branch in Shanghai on Saturday after city health authorities ordered the store to lock down after a close contact of a Covid-19 case was traced to the location.

Multiple videos on social media showed customers yelling and pushing each other in an attempt to escape the building before the doors closed.

In a press briefing Sunday, Zhao Dandan, deputy director of the Shanghai Health Commission, said the "store and affected area" would be under "closed loop" management for two days. People inside the loop must undergo two days of quarantine at a government facility and five days of health surveillance.

Under China's system, a vast series of cameras, phone trackers, and algorithms record your every movement in the physical and digital world. If the Communist Party sees that your phone was in close proximity to a phone belonging to a person who tested positive, or if they tracked you on CCTV alongside a sick person, then you are required to quarantine, which means checking in to a government camp with a bunch of other people.

(Mass testing, btw, is mandatory)

A QR code in a required app on your phone turns yellow if you may have been exposed and red if you are required to isolate. You need that code to literally go anywhere. Funnily enough, people who have wanted to protest the government have had their QR code turn red just as they were about to travel to protest. What a coincidence!

Hundreds of men in hazmats suits regularly roam the streets, spraying disinfectant everywhere. Everyone lives in a constant state of fear. It's the paradise that leftists like Justin Trudeau praised!

And despite the insane effort, Covid is still spreading, because communism always fails!

Mao's legacy is a sinking ship, and I am here for it.

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