Canada is going to print warning labels on individual cigarettes, but if they want to helicopter govern they should use something really gross, like Trudeau in blackface
· Jun 13, 2022 ·

The passive-aggressive weenies that run Western civilization these days are the worst.

Associate health minister Carolyn Bennett announced new plans to crack down on cigarette use on Friday, with the government saying tobacco was the "leading preventable cause of illness and premature death" in Canada.

Health Canada said in a statement that it plans to have the warnings printed on all "individual cigarettes, cigars that have a filter, and cigarette tubes."

"Labeling the tipping paper of cigarettes and other tobacco products would make it virtually impossible to avoid health warnings altogether," Health Canada said. "If implemented, Canada would be the first country in the world to introduce such a requirement."

Canada loves being the first country in the world to do stupid things.

Look, I'm no fan of cigarettes. Who has time for that junk when there are premium cigars out there waiting to be smoked with a glass of whiskey?

We all know the dangers of smoking by now. It took awhile, considering doctors used to be paid to promote cigarettes (good thing that doesn't happen today with products or drugs, right??), but it's safe to say that anyone with a connection to the modern world is aware of what nicotine and tar do to your lungs over time.

Do you think printing gross images of cancer or warning labels is gonna stop people? Do you think that's gonna break the chains of addiction? Please. If you want to ban it, then just ban it. Pressuring people always backfires.

Terry Dean, the president of the Canadian Lung Association, called the move a "bold and impactful strategy, one that will continue Canada's trend of being a leader in tobacco control."

Anyone who uses the term "impactful" has already lost.

The message currently being considered is "poison in every puff," though that may change, Bennett told a press conference Friday.

That's just stupid.

You want to make Canadians so disgusted that they won't smoke anymore?

Try this on every cigarette:

Actually, pretty much any photo of the little Castro-wannabe weenie dictator will do!

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