Multiple Canadian airlines refused to fly a group of influencers home because they dared to party maskless on a plane to Mexico

Jan 7th

Apparently people in Canada are actually upset about a group of influencers who were caught on tape partying maskless on an airplane on their way to Cancun last week.

Honestly, this is true.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau even got involved!

"I think like all Canadians who have seen those videos, I'm extremely frustrated," said Trudeau. "We know how hard people have worked to keep themselves safe, to limit their family gatherings at Christmas time, to wear masks, to get vaccinated, to do all the right things, and it's slap in the face to see people putting themselves, putting their fellow citizens, putting airline workers at risk by being completely irresponsible."

Trudeau also referred to the party animals as "idiots."

Here's the video:

Apparently, according to Trudeau, there will be a "full investigation" into this partying on an airplane without masks on.

An investigation!

Oh yeah, almost forgot—these party animals are now stranded in Mexico because—not joking—SEVERAL CANADIAN AIRLINES ARE REFUSING TO FLY THEM HOME!!!

Dude, is this seriously where we're at right now in Canada?

Because if I was any one of these party animals, I'd either stay in Mexico permanently, or move to the US.

I mean, The Free State of Florida isn't too far away.

Just sayin'...

Anyhow, it looks like the airline that flew these folks down to Cancun, Sunwing, cancelled the flight home on these people due to public backlash over the maskless partying video. Keep in mind, the video was shot on one of their airplanes, so I don't really understand how that is consistent. If they actually cared, they'd have turned the plane around and landed back in Montreal in the first place.

So these people are essentially stranded in Mexico, looking for a flight home, and then...

Air Transat cited an obligation to passenger and crew safety in denying the "disruptive passengers" a flight home. Air Canada issued a public statement with a similar sentiment, noting that it will deny flights "to the extent that we can identify the passengers who were part of the group"...

Transport Canada said in a public statement that it's been in contact with the airlines. "Should the department determine that non-compliance with Transport Canada regulations and requirements has occurred, fines of up to $5,000 per offence could be issued to passengers," the statement reads.

So in Canada it is a HUGE DEAL if you party maskless on an airplane on your way to Mexico.


So don't party maskless on an airplane!


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