Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Van Slides Off Road, Protester Wearing "Defund The CBC" Hat Pulls Them Out Of Ditch 💪

Feb 23rd

In another display of "racist extremism and terrorism," a Canadian Freedom Convoy protestor pulled a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation van out of a ditch, all while wearing a "Defund the CBC" hat.

People who oppose the protests are probably confused by the act of kindness, since they've been reliably informed that a guy like this is a "terrorist."

This king knew that the van belonged to the CBC, but even though he doesn't like the CBC, his humanity wouldn't allow him to leave any person stranded in a ditch like that.

This is the salt-of-the-earth type of person that Trudeau and the CBC are smearing as racists and extremists.

He's one of the truckers who has lost his livelihood and is still fighting for "freedom for his grandkids."

The people in Canada are so convinced people like Tyson are all evil racists, they can't comprehend that he's representative of the group they are demonizing.

This first person can't understand why someone might want to fight for the freedom of himself and others:

Others, despite all evidence to the contrary, believe people like Tyson are in the minority. They have such hatred for the group that they overlook all the evidence that contradicts their worldview.

Everyone SHOULD see this as a feel-good story. There's something very Canadian about someone like Mr. Garneau, who's out there helping people out, even if they behave like his enemy.

Decency will win in the end.


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