Canadian Journalist Fined for SHAKING HANDS and LAUGHING
· · Jun 15, 2021 ·

A Canadian journalist was just fined for breaking Covid rules.

What Covid rules?

Apparently, Canadians aren't even allowed to shake hands or enjoy the simple joy of laughter. 😳

I kid you not... Shaking people's hands and laughing in public are just some of the horrendous crimes this man has been accused of.

Who is this maniac?

His name is David "The Menzoid" Menzies.

Menzies is a Toronto-based reporter working for Rebel News who has been covering the insane lockdowns and restrictions in Canada (like for example… not being allowed to shake hands and laugh in public).

Canada doesn't have the same red, white, and blue freedom that America has, but still, these Covid fines seem like a little bit of a stretch.

The report included excruciating details on the handshaking offences from an event back in April. It listed off each handshake with intense detail, like what each criminal-handshaker was wearing.

Here's what Menzies had to say:

Let's jump to the chase: the crime I committed that day is that… I… shook… hands… with people.

And they even have the photos to prove it!

No, I swear, folks. For starters, it is noted that I shook the hands of PPC leader Maxime Bernier and MPP Randy Hillier. Apparently, this means I violated social distancing regulations. By the way, there were about 1,200 people there that day. Shoulder to shoulder. Do you think some of those people could have shaken hands that day? Curious that they haven't been receiving summonses en masse.

Not only did he put people's lives in danger by shaking hands, but he also had the audacity to laugh out loud in a public setting.

The Peterborough police noted that I was seen… laughing on this day. Merciful God in heaven! Why was I not tasered for this crime against humanity?! Because the super-serious Peterborough Police Service obviously deems laughter to be… sinister?

And they have the photos to prove it!

But you would never believe what else the police felt they needed to disclose in order to take Menzies down…

His chilling past came out: it was all laid out there in plain black and white.

In 1985, Menzies was given a speeding ticket.

Yes, I know, this man needs to be locked up.

Why is that relevant to the Covid fine? Great question. I have no clue. But it does paint a picture of who this man really is.

Menzies is a man that drove a little too fast, shook too many hands and laughed a little too hard.

This is the current state of Canada. Please send help.


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