CBS's Margaret Brennan went haywire on air after polling from her own outlet showed most Americans support mass deportations
ยท Jun 11, 2024 ยท

What we've got here is a lib journo melting down because she has a basic misunderstanding of normal Americans and what opinion polls measure.

When confronted with the startling (to an insulated lib) fact that Americans favor deportation of ALL illegal immigrants, by a 6 to 4, margin, CBS's Margaret Brennan's brain malfunctions on air.

Watch as she struggles with these numbers:

At the end, she starts to understand, a little, the concept of public opinion polling. She's still confused by it, but it begins to make sense.

Her tiny journo brain goes through all the stages of denial here! ๐Ÿ˜‚

These 62% of Americans favor deporting all undocumented immigrants. So Homeland Security says that President Biden has already deported or repatriated more people in the last year than any year since 2010 ...

So, Biden has removed more people than anyone else ... according to DHS.

Even if that's true, which I sort of doubt, it's not nearly as many as have come in. Net (illegal) immigration is still astronomical, Maggie. Just because Biden deported a handful doesn't mean that we haven't seen more come across than ever before.

She continued in her confusion.

Some of what Mr. Trump talks about could be illegal, it doesn't seem practical in some sense to round up children, and then we know that the courts have questioned whether local authorities would have the ability to do it, and federal authorities don't have the resources. So what exactly do people think they're supporting?

Here's where Mags leaves the topic of conversation completely.

Deportation is not "practical." But that doesn't matter. People want it. That's reality.

She went on to mention the courts, arguing that we've all been told what's allowed by the courts, so why are 62% of Americans still holding on to this illegal opinion?

They (those polled) weren't tracking the Supreme Court decisions.

Yeah, that's the entire point of the poll. It could be rephrased, "Most Americans disagree with the court preventing mass deportations."

It simply blows her mind that the people aren't always sheep doing what they're told by their higher-ups.

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