My dudes, check out this new report of Big Tech listing the times they censored info because Biden's White House pressured them ๐Ÿ‘€
ยท May 3, 2024 ยท

YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, and the US government.

One big happy anti-free speech family.

The House Judiciary Committee created an 800-page report that exposed Biden and the deep state's censorship scheme where they partnered with Big Tech to violate the First Amendment.

Mike Benz did some work summarizing the report and gave us "10 flaming examples" of times Big Tech caved to the Feds and censored information that would be damaging to the regime.

Here are the examples from the report.

Even under Trump, the Deep State pressured Facebook to censor the lab leak tHeoRY (AKA fact) and 4 other claims about the virus. But due to pressure from Biden, in 2021, they finally began removing posts and censoring the stories completely.

Because Biden's posse pressured them.

Twice in March 2021, Amazon admitted that they changed their policies in their online bookstore because the Biden Admin pressured them to do so.

To read more about these changes from Amazon, read through the Amazon Files released by Jim Jordan earlier this year.

Also, in July 2021, you have a Facebook exec admitting that they censored the lab leak theory because the Biden Admin told them to.

Even after the July admission of censoring the lab leak theory, this wasn't enough for Biden. Facebook kept getting pressure from the government and made stricter policies on "misinformation."

The Biden White House also wanted anything that was skeptical of the Covid jab removed from Facebook and also wanted jokes or satire about the shot taken down as well. And, of course, Facebook obliged.

YouTube, of course, also complied with the government's censorship demands. The YouTube Product Team actually worked openly hand-in-hand with the White House to suppress information and promote government propaganda.

No hesitation at all.

Guys, you need to let your normie friends know just how bad things are.

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