Check out the NYT's response to affirmative action being overturned 🤡
· Jun 29, 2023 ·

Have we mentioned that corporate media is the enemy of the people?

Holy smokes, what a tweet!

Can you imagine them writing it the other way around? Can you imagine them lamenting that colleges will get "blacker"?

And what about that phrase, "all but ensuring"? The NYT thinks black people can't get into Ivy League schools without a handicap??

The wokies are the racists, ladies and gentlemen.

The Supreme Court decision upheld the law of the United States: That no man or woman is to be judged on the color of his or her skin, but on merit, skill, and character. Period.

Colleges have been breaking these basic civil rights laws for DECADES.

The reason was always that schools like Harvard believe that discriminating against white people now makes up for discrimination of black people in the past. They haven't hid their belief that two wrongs make a right.

Domestic extremists like myself have always suggested that the way forward is forgiveness, hard work, and equality of opportunity. But I've been called racist for not obsessing over people's skin color. I've been called a bigot for suggesting that new crimes to pay for old crimes committed by people who died long ago might be the dumbest idea one could conceive. I've been called a white supremacist for suggesting that the color of someone's skin doesn't determine their fate.

You know, just like "white supremacist" Justice Clarence Thomas, who offered this in his opinion on the case:

How dare a black Supreme Court justice say that we are the sum of our "experiences, challenges, and accomplishments"! Who does he think he is, an American??

All men and women must be treated equally before the law? What an extreme idea!!

At least, The New York Times thinks so...


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