Check out these celebs endorsing a virtue-signaling sticker that businesses can put on their windows to indicate they follow leftist orders

Apr 2nd

Make sure you get your "wellness" stickers for your place of business, comrade:

If you're a business, you can shell out thousands of dollars to a company that will certify that your building and practices toe the leftist line on Rona, climate change, and other woke beliefs.

In exchange, you get a sticker that lets rich elites know it's safe to shop there.

Exhibit A: a photo from the company's promo video:

As for me, if I see one of these stickers, I'm 99% likely to just nope the heck outta there.

If you want to attract the rest of us as shoppers, slap a cross, AR-15, or an American flag sticker on your front door. Even a friendly "welcome" sign is 1000% better than this virtue-signaling junk.

Still, I guess leftists have to make a buck somehow.

Isn't capitalism wonderful?


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