A Chinese zoo tried to pass off a Golden Retriever as a lion 😂

Apr 2nd

Take a look at this ferocious beast awaiting guests in the lion enclosure at China's Yuanjiashan Zoo:

If you're wondering: yes, that is a Golden Retriever.

After photos began circulating from upset guests, the zoo said it had put the dog in there because the exhibit was currently empty.

This did not appease said guests, who said they had brought their children to the zoo to see lions.

Apparently, this habit of substituting dogs for other animals has happened at other Chinese zoos. Two others substituted dogs for wolves, and when asked, one of the zoos said the wolf was just hiding but dog was better anyway because it was "more active."

With that in mind, I have a few more ideas for how Chinese zoos can save money by duping guests into paying to see household pets, just like the Chinese Communist Party dupes the world into believing they're a free and prosperous nation!

First, we have the ever-mighty silverback gorilla:

such a beautiful old soul... | Labrador dog, Black ...

Next, there's this ferocious tiger:

And this graceful giraffe:

25 Pets that are all dressed up with nowhere to go

Maybe these zoos are just helping dogs live out their own truth and find the species they best identify with! Good job, China!


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